• Scampi Butty £9.50

    Brioche seeded bun loaded with scampi, tartare sauce, lettuce & sliced tomato

  • Dijon Chicken Baguette (GF) £9.80

    Toasted baguette filled with grilled chicken, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise & rocket

  • Steak & Horseradish Baguette (GF) £10.50

    Toasted baguette filled with seared steak, horseradish mayonnaise & rocket

  • Mushroom Melt (V)(GF) £9.25

    Toasted baguette filled with mushrooms, caramelised onions & melted cheese

  • Deli Bagel £9.50

    Toasted bagel filled with mortadella, emmental cheese, tomatoes slices, rocket, pesto & dijon mayonnaise

  • Goats Cheese, chilli Jam & Rocket Baguette (V)(GF) £9.50

    Toasted baguette filled with creamy goats cheese, chilli jam & fresh rocket

  • Sausage Melt £9.50

    Alpes sausages, onion jam & monterey jack cheese served on a seeded brioche bun

  • Maxwells Club (GF) £11.50

    A triple layered sandwich of chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, caramelised onions, lettuce & mayonnaise


  • Chicken Caesar Salad (GF) £11.50

    Grilled chicken breast with bacon, parmesan, croutons & anchovies on a bed of crisp salad, tossed in Caesar dressing

  • Haloumi & Sweet Chilli Salad (V)(GF) £11.00

    Rocket & gem salad with onions, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet chilli & mayonnaise, topped with diced halloumi


  • Mexican (V) £11.00

    Flatbread topped with piza sauce, fajita spiced peppers and onions, chedder, chilli cheese & jalapenos Add fajita chicken £2.50

  • Nduja & hot honey £13.00

    Flatbread topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella, parasan, nduja, hot honey & rocket

  • Lamb Kofta £13.00

    Flatbread topped with minted lamb kofta, Tzatziki, pomegranates, red onion, rocket, chillies, feta & beetroot glaze

  • King Prawn £13.50

    Flatbread topped with king prawns, garlic, chillies, rocket & lemon zest

  • Caprese (V) £11.00

    Flatbread topped with toatoe sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, pesto & fresh basil leaves

Loaded Fries

(Perfect as a sharing side or main)
  • Truffle Fries (V)(GF) £8.50

    Large house seasoned fries tossed in garlic butter, truffle oil and parmesan cheese

  • Big Max Fries £9.80

    Large house seasoned fries topped with smashed burger patty, cheddar cheese, burger sauce, diced onions & gherkinstossed in garlic butter, truffle oil and parmesan cheese

  • Tikka Fries £9.80

    Large house seasoned fries topped with chicken tikka, tikka curry sauce, mint mayonnaise, pomegranates, coriander & a lime wedge

Allergens: if you suffer from an allergy or intolerance, please ask a member of the team for the relevant allergen information. Please be aware  we do work with all  allergens in our kitchen/bar so cannot guarantee any item is completely allergen free.

(V) = Vegetarian Option Available (GF) = Gluten Free Alternative Available.

PLEASE NOTE: All our dishes are freshly cooked to order so please be patient at busy times.