Vegan Menu


  • Vegan Breakfast (gluten, soya & sulphites)(GF) £12.50

    Sausages, hash browss, tomato, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, baked beans & white or brown toast with vegan butter

  • Suasage Bagel (soya & gluten)(GF) £7.00

    Vegan sausage served on a toasted bagel

  • Smashed Avocado (gluten & sulphites)(GF) £8.00

    Toasted brown bread with smashed avocado, grilled tomatoes & mushrooms

  • American Style Pancake 3 Stack (gluten) £7.00
  • American Style Pancake 5 Stack (gluten) £8.00


  • Vegan Cheese & Red Onion (gluten)(GF) £8.00

    Served on white or brown bread with vegan mayonnaise & a salad garnish

  • Mushroom Melt (gluten & sulphites)(GF) £9.25

    Toasted baguette filled with mushrooms, caramelised onions and melted vegan cheese

  • Bhaji Baguette (gluten, sulphites)(GF) £9.25

    Onion bhajis, mango chutney, vegan mayonnaise, coriander, chilli & rocket served on a toasted baguette

Light Bites

  • Salt & Pepper Hash browns (sesame & sulphites)(GF) £8.00

    Crispy hash browns topped with chilli. topped with spring onion & sesame seeds, and a sriracha drizzle

  • Nachos (Sulphites)(GF) £7.50

    Tortilla chips layered with spicy salsa, jalapenos & vegan cheese, served with guacamole

  • Tikka Fries (mustard, celery, gluten, soya & sulphites) £9.00

    Large house seasoned fries, topped with vegan chicken, tikka curry sauce, vegan mint mayonnaise, pomegranates, coriander & a lime wedge


  • Moving Mountains Burger (gluten, sulphites & soya) £13.50

    Plant based burger topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, vegan cheese, caramelised onion & vegan mayonnaise. Served with a portion of house seasoned fries

  • Vegan Scampi (gluten, sulphites) £14.50

    Served with chunky chips, salad, vegan mayonnaise & a lemon wedge

  • Tomato & Basil Gnocchi Bake (celery, gluten & sulphites) £13.50

    Gnocchi baked in a homemade tomato & basil sauce with spinach, topped with vegan mozzerella served with toasted baguette & salad

  • Beetroot Falafel Salad (nuts & sulphites)(GF) £10.50

    Gem lettuce, rocket, red onion, chilli, pomegranate salad topped with beetroot falafels & pine nuts with a beetroot glaze


  • House Salad £4.00
  • Bread & Oils (gluten, sulphites) £4.20
  • House Seasoned Fries £3.50
  • Chunky Chips £3.60

Allergens: if you suffer from an allergy or intolerance, please ask a member of the team for the relevant allergen information. Please be aware  we do work with all  allergens in our kitchen/bar so cannot guarantee any item is completely allergen free.

(V) = Vegetarian Option Available (GF) = Gluten Free Alternative Available.

PLEASE NOTE: All our dishes are freshly cooked to order so please be patient at busy times.